Our Comics Spread the word: Boston is the hot town for comics! Boston Comics Roundtable members have come together to create exciting collections of short works in a wide variety of styles and genres. Read below for details about our regularly published anthology Inbound, and watch this space for news of more publications in the future!

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Inbound #5: The Food Issue


Boston’s best and brightest comics artists come together in Inbound 5 to share their reminiscences, fantasies, fears, and love of food. From the deeply personal to the fantastical, this book explores our complex relationship with what we eat.

Contributors include: E.J. Barnes, Eric Boeker, Jerel Dye, Franklin Einspruch, Patrick Flaherty, Bob Flynn, Joel Christian Gill, Andrew Greenstone, Danny Gonzalez, Raul Gonzalez, Beth Hetland, Erik Heumiller, Allie Kleber, Braden D. Lamb, Cathy Leamy, Jackie Lee, Jesse Lonergan, Dan Mazur, Mar-T Moyer, Line O, David Ortega, Shelli Paroline, Adrian Rodriguez, Roho, Aya Rothwell, Katherine Roy, Adam Syzm, Laura Terry, Jason Viola, Rebecca Viola, Katherine Waddell, Ryan Wheeler, and Andy Wong.

176 pages, black and white, $12.00

Inbound #4: A Comic Book History of Boston

inbound4_cover_200The area’s best comics creators choose the most intriguing, bizarre, and baffling stories from five centuries, and bring them to life in words and pictures. It’s a totally unique and entertaining tour through Boston’s past.

“This unconventional account of our city’s history brings a diverse cast of Bostonians to life: sports heroes and serial killers; pirates and punk rockers; founding fathers and favorite sons. An unexpected and delightful assortment of Boston lore!” – Jane Clayson, host of WBUR’s “Radio Boston”

144 pages, black and white, $12.00


Inbound #1

inbound2The first issue of this anthology of comics from Boston-area creators features several teams of writers and artists and a beautiful full-color cover from Shelli Paroline.

Stories include “Lending Can Openers” (Alexander Danner, writer, author of Character Design for Graphic Novels; and Steve Harrison, artist), The Ragbox, Ch. 1 (Dave Kender, writer, and Mark Hamilton, artist), “After the Plague” (Ryan Wheeler, writer, and Braden Lamb, artist), “Deconstruction” (Hyun Supul, writer and artist), “Body Blues” (Jaime Garmendia, writer, and Justin Mattarocchia, artist), “The Daytime Sky” (Susan Chasen, writer, and Dan Mazur, artist)

60 pages, black and white, $8.00


Inbound #2

inbound2This second anthology features a wide variety of comics from Boston-based creators and a gorgeous cover by Braden Lamb. From would-be supermen to foibles in space to real-life stories from the streets of Iraq, Inbound #2 is the best of Boston!

Stories include “Might” (Matt Reisdma), “Watcher Wanted” (Shelli Paroline and Jason Salzarulo), “Bad Topology” (Charles Schneeflock Snow and Erik Haines), “The Walk” (Kevin Kilgore), “Little Cody Visits the Underworld” (Rachel Maguire), “Too Many Robots!” (Ron LeBrasseur), “Endlessly She Said” (Jay Kennedy), and “unWendy” (Cathy Leamy).

64 pages, black and white, $8.00

Inbound #3

inbound3_cover_200Love Reign O’er Boston. To celebrate the season of romance, the hard-working comics artists of the Boston Comics Roundtable have released Inbound #3, a Boston Comics Anthology. Cover artist Matt Reidsma and a host of comics storytellers entertain you with our biggest issue yet!

Included in this issue: “First Kiss” (Robert Sergel), Franklin Einspruch, “Puppy Love Eternal” (Aya Rothwell), “Fear” Chris O’Neil (Chris O’Neill), “Just an Old Fashioned Zombie Love Song” (Eric Boeker), “Wish Me Luck” (Donna Martinez and Joesph Peters), “Colossa” (Braden Lamb), “An Afternoon Session” (Hyun Supul), “A Winter’s Prelude” (Roho), “The Prince” (Carl Tsui), “From Afar” (Dan Mazur), and “A Gothic Romance” (James Mobius).

72 pages, black and white, $8.00

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Comics by BCR Members
Hellbound #1: A Horror Anthology

 True, spooky tales from New England, rendered in thirteen one-page comics. You’ll never look at your hometown the same way again once you read some of these chilling stories. 16 pages, black and white, $4.00 The Hellbound series is only available for purchase through its official website and will be delivered separately if purchased.

Outbound #2: The Science Fiction Comic Anthology

 We turn our attention once again to the skies, with over a dozen new science fiction stories, including 12 ongoing stories from Outbound #1. 120 pages, black and white, $10.00 The Outbound series is only available for purchase through its official website and will be delivered separately if purchased.

The Ragbox

 The first volume of The Ragbox, a trade paperback graphic novel, is available online and in select stores. Written and created by Dave Kender, the book is the first installment introducing the racial kaleidoscope neighborhood of the Ragbox district. Each chapter is illustrated by a different artist. Go to theragbox.com for previews and purchase. Mark Hamilton, [...]

Outbound, the Science Fiction Comics Anthology

 Take to the skies with Outbound, Boston Comics Roundtable’s sci-fi anthology! Outbound features a variety of ongoing fantastic comic stories reaching far into space and deep into the mind! The anthology’s serialized format lets you follow a number of tales a chapter at a time, and each issue offers bonus material including short stories, nonfiction articles, [...]

Harvest is When I Need You the Most

 Harvest is When I Need You the Most has been designated by Comic Foundry magazine as one of the best new mini-comics in their latest issue! Neat!  The review really hit the nail on the head with what my cartoonist cohorts and I wanted to accomplish.  Look for completion the the mini trilogy to premier [...]