Inbound 5 is a Feast for Your Eyes The fifth installment of the Inbound comics anthology is here. Featuring the best and the brightest that Boston has to offer, we invite you to the table to feast on our latest collection of comics.

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The Boston Comics Roundtable presents
Inbound 5: The Food Issue

Boston’s comics creators are serving up a piping hot stack of stories!

Our best and brightest comics artists come together in Inbound 5 to share their reminiscences, fantasies, fears, and love of food. From the deeply personal to the fantastical, this book explores our complex relationship with what we eat.

When did humans first learn to cook? Why are we sometimes attracted to the most repulsive cuisines? Is it possible to turn into the food you eat too much? Inbound 5 takes you from the historical tales of fishwives and cheese-chasing to the beautiful and evocative legends of food handed down from the gods.

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What is Inbound?

Inbound is Boston's own comic book anthology! Published by Boston Comics Roundtable, Inbound showcases local writers, artists, and cartoonists and features a wide range of comic short stories, from urban drama to science fiction to romance and beyond! Visit our comics page to get your own copy and enjoy some storytelling!

Preview the Comics

  1. The Sardine's Tale

    Line O
  2. Turnover

    Andy Wong & Jackie Lee
  3. Bellyfull

    Laura Terry