Inbound 4 is Making History The fourth issue of our comics anthology has arrived! The area's best comics creators choose the most intriguing, bizarre, and baffling stories from five centuries, and bring them to life in words and pictures. It's a totally unique, entertaining tour through the Boston's past.

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The Boston Comics Roundtable presents
Inbound 4: A Comic-Book History of Boston.

36 tales from Boston’s past, as written and drawn by local independent comics creators!

Since 2006, the Boston Comics Roundtable has been bringing comics artists and writers together to collaborate on Inbound, a twice-yearly anthology of “Comics from Boston.”

Now we’ve asked this diverse pool of comics talent to choose their favorite characters and incidents from local history.  The result is “A Comic Book History of Boston,” an entertaining tour through three centuries of important social and political events, bigger-than-life personalities, and colorful New England lore.

From Shay’s Rebellion and the great Molasses Flood, to Charles Ponzi’s original “scheme” and Mark Twain’s disastrous encounter with Boston literary society, to the 1970s busing crisis,  the Gardner Museum heist and many more, the “Comic Book History of Boston” is an opportunity for readers of all ages to take a fresh look at our historical heritage and be introduced to the area’s thriving independent comics scene.

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What is Inbound?

Inbound is Boston's own comic book anthology! Published by Boston Comics Roundtable, Inbound showcases local writers, artists, and cartoonists and features a wide range of comic short stories, from urban drama to science fiction to romance and beyond! Visit our comics page to get your own copy and enjoy some storytelling!

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  1. New England's Dark Day

    Bob Flynn
  2. Blood

    Matthew Reidsma
  3. The Old Howard

    Cathy Leamy