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Heaps ‘o Praise: July 2010 edition

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We now take time to honor the honored.
Ron LeBrasseur was praised by The Comics Journal for his book Blood Moon: A Love Story.
Joel Gill earned a great review from the Small Press Syndicate for the first and second issues of Strange Fruit. Days later, he garnered a second positive review from The Poop Sheet Foundation [...]

Indie Spinner Rack honors Inbound #4

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Indie Spinner Rack has named Inbound #4 one of their top anthologies of the year. You can hear all about it at the end of episode #175 , the latter half of its two-parter 2010 “Izzer Awards” (listen for it at the 41:25 mark). We expect our tiny statuette in the shape of Rudolph [...]

BCR news and reviews

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Franklin Einspruch is interviewed by Public Radio Kitchen about his food-related comics
Dirk Tiede talks to Robot 6 about finishing up the third volume of his supernatural webcomic Paradigm Shift
Sci-fi blog i09 gives a shout-out for the upcoming second issue of BCR anthology Outbound
The Comics Journal‘s Minis Monday column reviews minicomics by Alexander Danner and Cathy [...]