Writer’s Night: Best First Page Ever!, MICE Postering, & Boston Pulp!

Join us an hour early tonight at 6:30pm at the Democracy Center (map) in Harvard Square for a special edition of Writer’s Night: Best First Page Ever!  This month’s challenge is to write an original script for the first page of the best graphic novel/comic of all time.  More information here and scripts here!

 At 7:30pm, we’ll have the usual meeting in an unusual place: the Nelson Mandela Room, the big room at the Democracy Center.  We’ll meet there from now on.  A bigger space for a bigger BCR.  Can you handle it?  Come find out!

We’ll be taking names and handing out posters and postcards to canvas the Greater Boston area for our upcoming Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE).  Just wait till you see the boggle-worthy graphic art of Jerel Dye, Maris Wicks, and Shelli Paroline, dear reader, and you too will feel the sudden need to plaster them everywhere!

And local artists desperately in search of a local writer, take note.  Come hear BCR writer Troy Minkowsky pitch his project idea, Boston Pulp!  What’s it all about?  Four words for you: Sunday. Funnies. Intertwining. Storylines.  DON’T come if you DON’T want to be intrigued!

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