Comics Art New England: Exhibition

October 18, 2011 to November 19, 2011

BCR Member Prof. Kyle Lindholm of The New England Institute of Art writes:

Please join Gallery Club and Gallery 303 in welcoming
Comics Art New England
With over 100 original comics art pieces!
October  18th – November 19th
Thursday, November 3rd, 6-8pm
Gallery 303 is at 303 Boylston St. Brookline, MA
If you missed our art show at MICE 2011, here’s your chance to see it in its new installation at The New England Institute of Art!
Featuring the art of Kimball Anderson, E. J. Barnes, Cara Bean, J. L. Bell, Eric Boeker, Jim Bredt, Heather Bryant, Ellen Crenshaw, Doug DeRocher, Jerel Dye, Bob Flynn, Daniel Gessel, Joel Gill, Lawrence Gillette, Tyler James, DeAnna Marie Johnson, Patt Kelley, Renee Kurilla, Laurel Leake, Leann Leake, Cathy Leamy, Ron LeBrasseur, John Lechner, Kyle Lindholm, Joel Lolar, Jesse Lonergan, Dave Marshall, Daniel Mazur, Clayton McCormack, Dan Moynihan, Adrienne Nunez, Line O, Cherry Ogata, Shelli Paroline, Hallie Jay Pope, Ben Prager, Ansis Purins, Gabe Robinson, Roho, Aya Rothwell, Jacob Saariaho, Carl Tsui, Jason Viola, Andy Wong, Matt Young, and Keith Zulawnik
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