Boston’s Future in The Phoenix!

Photo of print version of Boston Comics Roundtable "Future Boston" comic in The Boston PhoenixTake a trip into the futurrrrrre! The January 20th issue of The Boston Phoenix looks into the Hub of years to come – what could happen, what will happen, and what writers of the past thought would happen.

And Boston Comics Roundtable also peeks in that crystal ball with a collaborative comic! Check out The Future, Illustrated on page 14 of this week’s Phoenix (print version also downloadable online) or visit their website for a special color version with bonus funnies!

Who’s behind these glimpses into tomorrow’s Boston? Here’s a full list of the creators!

Print version:
Panel 1 (automated tourism): Ron LeBrasseur
Panel 2 (time travel): Cathy Leamy
Panel 3 (Governor Affleck): Roho
Panel 4 (Rising sea level): Jesse Lonergan
Panel 5 (reserved parking): Patrick Flaherty and EJ Barnes
Panel 6 (hybrid ostriches): Eric Boeker
Panel 7 (Giant robots attack): Clayton McCormack
Panel 8 (Future archaeologists): Jaime Garmendia and Shelli Paroline
Panel 9 (Citgo sign aliens): Dan Mazur
Graytones for print version: Roho

Online version:
Panel 1: Ron LeBrasseur
Panel 2: Dan Mazur
Panel 3: Cathy Leamy
Panel 4: Joey Peters
Panel 5: Reggie Themistocle
Panel 6: Roho
Panel 7: Cherry Ogata
Panel 8: Dan Mazur
Panel 9: Jesse Lonergan
Panel 10: Patrick Flaherty and EJ Barnes
Panel 11: J. L. Bell
Panel 12: Eric Boeker
Panel 13: Clayton McCormack
Panel 14: Alejandro Yegros
Panel 15: Jaime Garmendia and Shelli Paroline
Panel 16: Dan Mazur
Colors: Braden D. Lamb and Dan Mazur

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