The Best Comics You Never Read in Your Life #2

A new series feature in which comics creators discuss their favorite comics that just haven’t got the attention they deserved.

Hello, Me Pretty
by Line Gamache

Story synopsis
A family history, mostly set in 1960s Quebec, centered around the family’s mentally disabled daughter (sister of the writer/artist). This daughter makes life challenging, but she is most of all a positive force in the family.

Why comics creator Line O loves it
The drawings are very creative and unique. A bit as if a child had drawn them, but with the imagination of an adult, which goes well with the theme of the daughter who can not grow up, but remains small and innocent. Despite the challenges the family faces, the message of the comic is positive, without becoming sentimental: People are different and unique in their own beautiful ways.

How to buy Hello, Me Pretty
Amazon, Conundrum Press, local comics shops

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The Man Eating Cow
by Clay Griffith (writer), Alan Hopkins (artist)

Story synopsis
When heaps of partially eaten criminals start lining The City streets, the homicide local squad sets out to capture Crime Cannibal. But the real killer is a cow.

Why comics creator Joey Peters loves it
A spinoff from The Tick, it takes its source material in a completely different direction. Surreal, but with less overt parody elements. It’s about as grounded in reality as any comic you’re likely to see about a former crime fighting cannibal. Also, it’s very funny.

How to buy  The Man Eating Cow

To see art and comics from Boston Comics Roundtable’s own Joey Peters, visit

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  1. Neal Murphy says:

    Local writer seeks ambitious artist to do illustrations for a graphic novel about bounty hunters in a post apocalyptic Texas, script already completed

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