Harvest is When I Need You the Most

harvestclippingHarvest is When I Need You the Most has been designated by Comic Foundry magazine as one of the best new mini-comics in their latest issue! Neat!  The review really hit the nail on the head with what my cartoonist cohorts and I wanted to accomplish.  Look for completion the the mini trilogy to premier at Mocca 2009.

If you would like to see more about this project, visit the Harvest website.

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  1. hi Roundtable! I’ve just discovered your site and am psyched that such an organization exists in Boston. I’m currently working as a graphic designer in Dallas, but am looking forward to relocating to Boston in the next couple months… ultimately going back to school for my MFA and re-pursuing sequential art. I wondered if anyone could comment on the various schools in the area? Emerson’s graphic novel certificate program sounds really exciting, but ultimately I’d like to work towards an MFA so I’ve been looking at MassArt (also SMFA and AIB). Can anyone speak from experience with these? Looking forward to joining you in the future!

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